Reflections on Sustainability and Impact

Scott Knowles, VP and General Manager of The Bump, discusses what it means to be a member of our Sustainability Council and the importance of Impact.

By: Scott Knowles, VP and General Manager of the Bump

May 10, 2023


Taking a look back

Starting in 2020, a group of TKWW team members created our Sustainability Council to elevate awareness among our employees about how they could drive meaningful change within our organization. The Council started a company-wide Slack channel and kicked off monthly meetings to share ideas on how to incorporate eco-conscious practices in their day-to-day lives and at a company level. The same year, the Sustainability Council launched its first-ever sustainability challenge, during which time teams across the company competed for points by sharing documentaries, high-impact tips, and organizations people could donate to that would make a difference in the global climate crisis.


With support from leadership, the efforts of the Council helped build and formalize TKWW’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) program which we call “Impact.” Our north star is to create an industry-leading measurable difference within our company and in the communities where we have a presence. As part of this initiative, we published our very first Impact Report last year, which addressed multiple Impact initiatives, including benchmarking our energy use and detailing our commitment to manage climate risks and reduce our carbon footprint.


Impact today

Today, the momentum around sustainability at TKWW continues. This year’s Sustainability Challenge generated global participation and we continue to maintain a highly-engaged Keep-It-Green Slack channel. Recently, we hosted Jamie Beck Alexander, a climate activist, mom, and founding director of Drawdown LabsProject Drawdown’s private sector testing ground for accelerating the scaling of climate solutions quickly, safely, and equitably. Jamie delivered an incredible presentation to our company about how every job is a climate job. Here are a couple of takeaways we found inspiring:

  • Most job functions have the potential to influence the climate in big and small ways, from procurement to finance to strategy, and beyond
  • Even if you don’t have sustainability in your job title, you can make a major impact on your company’s climate practices
  • Engaging with all company stakeholders—including customers, supply chain partners, and investors—is necessary to bring about important climate solutions


What’s next

Next week, during Global Donate, I’m excited for several employee-led events that put environmental wellness front and center. To name a few:

  • Our crew in Omaha is excited to spend time volunteering at two different Habitat for Humanity ReStore locations, saving and repurposing usable items from local landfills.
  • Twenty-five team members in D.C. plan to volunteer with Rock Creek Conservancy, a watershed organization restoring Rock Creek and protecting its parklands.
  • In Florida, employees will join forces with Tampa Bay Watch to support restoration efforts in the region.
  • Teammates in NYC will work with GrowNYC, a non-profit developed to improve the City and the environment at large.


We are also putting the finishing touches on the next edition of our annual Impact Report, which will be published later this year, including a host of new information and efforts we are making as a company.

Finally, I want to extend my sincere appreciation to the team members at TKWW who devote time and attention to furthering important causes within our organization, truly living our corporate value: Do the Right Thing.