Amy Jain & Daniella Yacobovsky

Co-Founders, BaubleBar

Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky, co-founders of BaubleBar (and, more importantly, best friends), are the dynamic duo that disrupted the jewelry industry and redefined how women shop for accessories. Starting their careers in a decidedly less glitzy job, investment banking, the two forged a lifelong friendship helping one another through the sometimes grueling pace of their careers. After a few years crunching numbers, they found themselves at Harvard Business School together.  There, they conceived the idea for BaubleBar: the first go-to fashion jewelry brand with unparalleled selection and style guidance, all at a guilt-free price point.

Upon graduation, the two invested their remaining savings into launching in January of 2011, quickly scaling the business to amass over 1,500 orders per day, one million monthly site visitors and a range of impressive brand, retail and celebrity partnerships (with the likes of Olivia Palermo and Emma Roberts), as well as the launch of their new line of jewelry in January 2017, SUGARFIX by BaubleBar, which is sold exclusively through Target. Jain and Yacobovsky remain at the helm of BaubleBar, playing to their individual strengths and growing their business through a symbiotic partnership. As an article in Fast Company aptly pointed out, “… their dynamic can be mystifying. But the key to their success is their ability to identify their complementary skills.”

Part of Amy and Daniella’s day-one vision for BaubleBar was to extend their brand from dot-com into physical retail, providing shoppers with an opportunity to touch and feel the exceptional quality and value. Realizing that vision, the brand has tested a variety of brick-and-mortar concepts from launching owned pop-up shops and concept stores to forging partnerships with large retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom and Anthropologie in order to meet the BaubleBar girl wherever she is.

Through BaubleBar, Amy and Daniella aim to make every day sparkle and have successfully led their team in executing a range of product categories. Together, the team has added that sparkle to everyday accessories including bedazzled headphone caps with FRENDS, fashion-forward tech wearables with Jawbone, a tech accessory collection with Target and a home collection with style and beauty blogger, Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam. Today, BaubleBar has become synonymous with fun, on-trend extras that brighten your day (and your outfit!).