Denise Lee

Founder, Alala

Founded by Denise Lee in New York City the spring of 2014, Alala is one of today’s leading modern activewear brands, providing women with product that enhance fearless attitudes and elevated sensibilities. An avid athlete, Denise found the market lacking in a sense of creativity when training for her first triathlon in 2012; she could not find an activewear brand that offered the effortless cool styles of the contemporary designers she loved. During the launch and growth of Alala, Denise has always looked to work with women to develop a brand that encompasses confidence and strength built by experience and unbreakable values.

Honoring the brand’s mission, Alala All Day, Denise is consistently working with her team to create innovative designs and collaborations which offer women bold, sophisticated styles that can be worn head-to-toe, day-to-night. As the brand is inspired by the Greek goddess ALALA, who represents a call to arms, it’s all about finding new ways to reinvent dressing the modern woman in a strong way. Recent collaborations and partnerships include Surf Lodge, Y7 Studio, and May All Day which launched with DJ May Kwok this February 2018.

While celebrity fans include Ashley Graham, Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts and Jessica Alba, Hollywood stars are not Alala’s primary focus. Denise and her team are focused on reaching and speaking to all women in 2018. By relaunching marketing campaigns and focusing on new product offerings, Alala hopes to empower women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds through clothing that looks good but more importantly, makes her feel great, all day long.

How do you define your purpose & mission in life?
I really live and am driven by a very simple mission passed down from my dad: I do what I do for my family and so that our future generations can have every opportunity to pursue their dreams and passions. Leading a women run company catered towards strong women, I am also passionate about womens’ issues and making sure I am and Alala is part of the movement towards equality.