January 17, 2013

TheBump.com Reveals Top Pregnancy Trends for 2013

Leading Pregnancy and Parenting Website Predicts Royal Baby Fever, Breastfeeding Boom, 50 Shades of Green Names and More for 2013 Pregnancies

NEW YORK (January 17, 2013)TheBump.com, the fastest-growing pregnancy and parenting website, today released its predictions for the hottest pregnancy trends for 2013. From neon accents in the nursery and royal baby frenzy to shades of green names, moms-to-be will have plenty of trends to jump on this year.

“Whether it’s taking a mommymoon with friends, hosting an at-home ultrasound party or throwing a postbirth bash for friends and family to meet the new arrival, pregnancies are more celebrated now than ever,” says Carley Roney, cofounder and editor in chief of TheBump.com. “It’s an extremely exciting time in a woman’s life, and today’s mamas-to-be are fully embracing ways of sharing their bliss with others.”

Here’s What’s Trending for 2013:

Royal Baby Fever
The arrival of Kate Middleton and Prince William’s new baby will no doubt be the biggest birth of the year. Just as wedding dress designers started creating replicas of Kate’s gown the second she stepped out of the car on her wedding day, we’ll see maternity clothing designers quickly incorporating her bump style into their collections and moms-to-be flocking to emulate her pregnancy look. Regal baby gear and décor will also make its way into stores and commoners’ hands. Once the royal babe arrives, his or her style, gear and name will be obsessed over and copied.

From 50 Shades of Green to Downton Abbey Domination
Celebs have been naming their babies after hues of the rainbow for years, but with emerald being the Pantone color of the year, our bet’s on naming babies after shades of green—think Hunter, Kelly, Jade, Fern and Forest. After all, Drew Barrymore did name her baby girl Olive in 2012. What’s out in 2013? Naming your baby after a city, like Brooklyn, Paris or Austin. This year, moms will take a cue from Reese Witherspoon, who last year named her baby boy Tennessee, and try Georgia, Virginia, Carolina or even Montana. Also on the rise this year are popular names from the beginning of the 20th century. Due to the Downton Abbey craze, more babies will be sporting names like Mary, Edith, Anna, Robert and Thomas.

More Moms Whipping ’Em Out
With rates on the rise and an outbreak of media attention on the topic in 2012, we can only predict an even bigger increase in breastfeeding (especially in public!) for 2013. From the Time magazine cover shot of a mom nursing her three-year-old son and NYC’s “Latch On NYC” program that discourages formula use in hospitals to TheBump.com Public Display of Breastfeeding Day, where moms across the country nursed in public, the act has received major support that is sure to continue this year. Celeb moms such as Pink, Miranda Kerr, Ali Landry, Hilary Duff and Gwen Stefani are also big advocates. Another plus: Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are now required to cover breast pumps and visits to lactation consultants at no cost to the patient. Here’s to more moms whipping ’em out in 2013!

Social Sharing Sooner
Moms are taking a cue from the recent flurry of celebs, including Kate Middleton and Jessica Simpson, whose pregnancies were announced earlier than usual. Blame it on the trend of oversharing on social media or on a friend outing you at the office, but women today are announcing sooner than the standard 12 weeks to their close friends and family. In fact, a poll on TheBump.com showed that 58% of pregnant women let the cat out of the bag before the 12-week mark.

You’ve heard of the babymoon and even the daddymoon, but mommymoons are becoming increasingly popular, with expectant moms indulging in a little R&R before the baby arrives. Whether it involves taking a beach getaway with fellow expecting mamas, shutting off for the weekend at a spa resort or hosting an at-home mani-pedi party and prenatal yoga class with friends, pregnant moms are finding ways to enjoy some “me” time before middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes become routine.

Neon in the Nursery
2012 saw a plethora of neon on the runways, and now energizing colors are making their way into the nursery. Don’t expect cribs in highlighter yellow or electric-blue walls, but parents will be sure to embrace a basic palette with fluorescent pops of color. From hot-pink chevron pillows to neon-orange wall art, subtle accents in energizing hues will be brightening nurseries everywhere.

Baby Shower v. Baby Bash
On its way out are the days of baby showers for baby number two, three and more. 2013 will be the year of the “sip and see”: a postbirth bash hosted by the parents where friends and family stop by the house, sip some drinks and see the newborn. Baby showers for second and third babies are always a debated topic, but with a sip and see, parents can easily celebrate the birth of the new one and not have guests feel obligated to show up with a must-have baby item.

Raising the Bar on the Sex Reveal
The trend of revealing your baby’s gender has gone beyond cutting a cake to discover pink or blue filling. In 2013, parents are pulling out all the stops to create a gender reveal that’s truly memorable for their friends and family. From sending personal boxes filled with pink or blue helium balloons to making a “Gangnam Style” gender-reveal dance video, parents are getting creative when announcing the sex. Another big trend this year in gender reveals: the ultrasound party. Yes, expecting parents are inviting friends and family to view a live ultrasound conducted by a technician right in their very own living room.
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