February 8, 2010

When it Comes to Sex, Quantity or Quality?

Intimate survey from The Nest reveals the secrets inside couples’ bedrooms.

NEW YORK (February 8, 2010) — Just in time for Valentine’s Day, The Nest — the go-to resource for newly nesting couples –revealed the results of a sex survey today as part of their “Spice up Your Sex Life” week on TheNest.com. This tell-all survey featured on TheNest.com polled more than 3,000 women on what’s really going on between the sheets.

Revealing everything from how often they have sex — and more importantly how good it is — to bedroom attire and more, the results released today kick off “Spice up Your Sex Life” week on TheNest.com (TheNest.com/greatsex) featuring 5 days of sexy giveaways and expert sex tips.
Highlights from the survey results include:

THEY’RE HAVING LOTS OF SEX — BUT SHE’S NOT SATISIFED (AND HE KNOWS IT!): Although 50 percent of couples claim to have sex several times per week, an astonishing 47 percent of women admit that they don’t orgasm every time — and he knows it!
HER BEDROOM ATTIRE BELONGS TO HER EX: Think she’s wearing sexy lingerie to bed? Think again. A whopping 64 percent of women admit to wearing flannel pajamas or a T-shirt and boxers that might even be from an EX!
THEY’RE ALLOWING OUTSIDERS IN THEIR BEDROOM: Couples’ bedrooms are loaded with sex distractions — from the TV (over 63 percent of couples have one in their bedroom!) to BlackBerrys to magazines. Is staying busy keeping them from getting busy?
THEIR MESSY BEDROOM IS THEIR TOP PICK FOR SEX LOCALE: Although 80 percent of couples say that the bedroom is their favorite location to do the deed, more than 60 percent describe their room as cluttered, disorganized, or empty because they haven’t gotten around to decorating!
OTHERS ARE INVITED TO SLEEP IN THEIR BED: Make their furbaby sleep on the floor? No way! Nearly 60 percent of couples admit to sharing their bed with their pets.
To help couples get their groove back for Valentine’s Day, TheNest.com is dedicating an entire week to help “Spice up your Sex Life”. Features include a five days of sexy giveaways, including aphrodisiac-loaded chocolate fondue, sexy designer lingerie, and more, plus a “Sex Tip of the Day,” provided by Joselin Linder and Elena Donovan Mauer, authors of Have Sex Like You Just Met (Adams Media), which runs for 30 days. Also included in the “Spice up your Sex Life” week are expert tips how to have sex in the shower, the surprising benefits of having sex (such as feeling richer and losing weight) and more. Enter the daily giveaways and check out the sex tips now at TheNest.com/greatsex.com.
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