April 26, 2011

TheBump.com Infertility Survey Finds 50% of Women Who’ve Had Trouble Trying to Conceive Never Thought They Would, Yet 1 in 3 Have Been Trying to Conceive For More Than 2 Years

TheBump.com Launches Infertility Awareness Channel & Reveals Results From Its First-Ever Infertility Survey in Support of National Infertility Awareness Week on April 24-30

NEW YORK (April 26, 2011) – Infertility, defined as 12 months of unsuccessful conception for women under 35 and six months for those over 35, affects 7.3 million women and men nationwide. In support of National Infertility Awareness Week from April 24 to 30, TheBump.com (www.thebump.com), a leading website for expectant and first-time parents, today announced the launch of a dedicated Infertility Awareness channel, TheBump.com/troublettc, with Q&As for women having trouble trying to conceive (TTC), a dedicated “Trouble TTC” message board and an infertility awareness badge for users to share with social networks if they or someone they know has been affected by infertility. In addition, TheBump.com surveyed more than 1,200 women having trouble TTC to reveal what they’re really feeling during this process, who they turn to for support and how their personal relationships are affected.

“Any woman who’s experienced infertility will tell you that it’s one of the toughest things she’s ever had to go through,” says Carley Roney, editor in chief of TheBump.com. “With 43% of women feeling ashamed about having trouble trying to conceive, we felt it was our duty to raise awareness and support for the personal struggles and experiences women have with infertility.”

Highlights from TheBump.com “Infertility Awareness” survey results include:

50% OF WOMEN WHO HAVE HAD TROUBLE TTC NEVER THOUGHT THEY WOULD. Yet one in three women have been TTC for more than two years, and one in five don’t know what’s causing the problem because they still haven’t been to a specialist.

APPROXIMATELY 1 IN 4 WOMEN HAVING TROUBLE TTC WOULDN’T CONSIDER ADOPTION. Even after countless attempts, frustration and disappointment, one in four women wouldn’t consider adoption.

WOMEN STRUGGLING WITH INFERTILITY TURN TO ONLINE COMMUNITIES FOR SUPPORT BEFORE TURNING TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY. Besides their partners, women would rather turn to online communities for support (68%), before confiding in friends and family members. In fact, 48% of women say trouble TTC has negatively affected their relationships with friends, family and/or coworkers.

FRUSTRATION, ANXIETY AND LONELINESS ARE THREE EMOTIONS WOMEN WHO HAVE TROUBLE TTC EXPERIENCE. In addition, 43% of women feel ashamed about having trouble TTC, and 12% don’t even tell anyone about their struggles with infertility. However, struggling with infertility is definitely an emotional roller coaster, as women feel a range of emotions from hope and optimism (82%) to depression (86%) and hopelessness (71%).

86% OF WOMEN DON’T WANT TO HEAR FERTILITY ADVICE FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS. The last thing a woman wants to hear when having trouble TTC is advice and tips from others. Of the women surveyed, 70% want people to just listen without trying to give advice, while 69% want others to acknowledge that it’s a big deal (because it IS!). The #1 thing women don’t appreciate people saying to them? “Just relax and stop worrying, and you’ll get pregnant” (87%).

SEX IS A CHORE, AND THE FUN AND SPONTANEITY ARE GONE. Before trying to get pregnant, sex was likely an exciting and passionate way for couples to connect. But results show that having trouble TTC directly affects sex life. Among the 36% of women who said TTC has negatively impacted their sexual relationship, 75% feel like it’s another task on the to-do list, 73% feel like the fun and spontaneity are gone and 42% feel sexually unattractive.

ALMOST HALF HAVE SPENT MORE THAN $1,000 ON TREATMENTS. Many couples turn to costly methods such as receiving progesterone or in vitro fertilization when trying to conceive. Results show that 45% of couples having trouble TTC have financially invested more than $1,000 in fertility treatments, and 22% have spent more than $5,000.

To receive a full copy of the survey results or to speak with an editor, please contact Melissa Bach at (212) 515-3594 or mbach@theknot.com.

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