June 17, 2008

The Nest Dubs Summer the “Get-It-Done” Season

Lifestyle Magazine for Hip Couples Dishes on DIY Decorating, Giving Back, and Outdoor Entertaining.

NEW YORK, NY (June 17, 2008) — From moving and decorating to giving back, this summer is the perfect season to get things done. Just in time, editors from The Nest (www.thenest.com) serve up inspirational summer style ideas and motivation for to-dos in the latest issue of their quarterly glossy, The Nest magazine.

DIY Secrets Unveiled

The Nest magazine’s ever-popular “Decor” section is dedicated to tips and tricks on everything from finally fixing the dresser drawer that’s always stuck to secrets to the ultimate window decor to a cheat sheet for creating the hottest deck on the block.

Move to a New Neighborhood Guide

The Nest offers an A-to-Z guide on scoping out your dream city, settling in, and making new friends on page 90. Whether you’re ditching the city for the burbs, starting a family, or relocating for a hot job prospect, these easy-to-follow tips (i.e., how to test-drive a potential neighborhood) will have you hosting a block party with finesse by Labor Day.

Give Back, Together

Inspired by humanitarian heroes sharing their personal stories on TheNest.com, The Nest magazine gets an insider look into the lives of couples who decided to make a difference together. From the duo who met in the Peace Corps in Paraguay to the twosome who volunteers with local Alzheimer’s patients to an adventurous couple who spent their vacation making a difference in the lives of turtles in Trinidad, these young marrieds made charity chic.


Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Trading in your rock — an inside look at this often heated topic. If you’re like the 62% of Nesties who would indeed do an upgrade on their bling, enter The Nest Bling Your Ring Contest at TheNest.com/bling to win your own upgrade from Whiteflash.com worth $1,600!

Win It!

Enter The Nest Summer Sweeps: Win $1,000 for a window makeover from SmithandNoble.com. Enter now at TheNest.com/contest (page 58).

Spice Up Summer Cooking

Tastes like chicken: A celebrity chef posse including Top Chef’s own Padma Lakshmi, Paula’s favorite boys (the Deen brothers), and more put their own unique spin on the ultimate kitchen staple (page 75).

Grill master: Gas, charcoal, or electric? Colleen Rush from The Nest answers this important question and more in the ultimate grill guide (page 65).

Summer Lovin’

How honest are you with your spouse? From finances to foreplay, do you have a full-disclosure policy? Take our quiz to find out (page 24).

On the road: If you think being away from your spouse for one week is bad, imagine nine months! Learn how the saxophonist of O.A.R. and his wife make it work (page 36).

About The Nest

The Nest (www.thenest.com) is a hip guide to all things happily ever after. The popular offshoot of The Knot takes a stylish, practical approach to all things young marrieds need to know: merging finances, buying and decorating homes, cooking and entertaining, family relationships, and more through weekly blogs, expert Q&As, an online community, interactive tools, and a quarterly magazine. The Nest is a part of The Knot Inc. lifestage network (NASDAQ: KNOT).