September 14, 2023

The Knot Worldwide Launches Inaugural Future of Marriage Report, Revealing More Than 70% of Gen Zers are Looking Forward to Their Wedding Day

New findings reveal that Gen Z is more excited about marriage and focused on celebrating their romantic partnership than millennials

NEW YORK, NY, September 14, 2023The Knot Worldwide, a leading global marketplace and family of brands championing celebration, today launched its first-ever Future of Marriage Report, including trends from a study of more than 1,000 single or dating millennial and Gen Z Americans. The data shows that Gen Z is optimistic about the idea of marriage, but will approach weddings differently than other generations.

“There’s a common misconception that younger people don’t believe in marriage, but we’re seeing that the next generation of couples is looking forward to getting married and commemorating their love in a way that’s authentic to them,” said Tim Chi, Chief Executive Officer at The Knot Worldwide. “Gen Z has proven to be a force for change, and I’m inspired by the way they’re reimagining traditions. Instead of marrying out of necessity or social pressure, many younger people are choosing a partner who complements or shares their values. I think this evolution will lead to a golden age of marriage, in which we will see more long-lasting and secure relationships, focused on celebrating the most important moments.”

The Knot’s editorial team today published “The State of the Union,” highlighting the Future of Marriage Report and its findings, as well as more industry insights about marriage rates, generational differences and divorce.

“While exploring Gen Z’s excitement and anticipation toward the future commitment of marriage, we also dove deeper into where we stand as a society today,” said Esther Lee, Deputy Editor of The Knot. “Experts quoted in our story touched on the declining rate of divorce among millennials and Gen Z, largely due to an emphasis on counseling and mental health resources, as well as an increased focus on finding partners who mirror your personal values. The future of marriage looks bright for those getting married—now and later.”  

Below are some key findings from The Knot Worldwide Future of Marriage Report. 

  1. The majority of Gen Z believe marriage is important in modern society.
  • Despite what people may think, only 8% of the younger generation believe marriage is outdated.
  • The top three words that come to mind when Gen Z thinks of marriage are commitment (68%), happiness (58%) and forever (53%).
  1. Most can see themselves getting married in the future.
  • Eighty-one percent of Gen Zers are open to the possibility of getting married, with 1 in 2 saying they definitely see it happening.
  • When asked around what age they see themselves getting married, 62% of Gen Zers said their late 20s to early 30s, with the average age being 28.
  1. Nearly all are already dreaming of their wedding day. 
  • Seventy-two percent of Gen Zers are looking forward to their wedding day.
  • Regardless of their relationship status, 78% of Gen Z respondents have already taken at least one wedding action related to planning a wedding—even more than millennials (60%). Gen Zers have most commonly envisioned what their own wedding might look like (51%), saved ideas and inspiration (32%) and looked up costs (32%).
  1. Celebration is a top priority and they enjoy attending other people’s weddings.
  • Nearly all (90%) of Gen Z respondents who see themselves getting married in the future plan to have a wedding reception. Among those who were unsure of whether they wanted to legally get married, half (49%) said they would still want a party to honor their relationship. 
  • Forty-three percent of Gen Zers will be attending at least one wedding in 2023, and of those, 76% are looking forward to it.
  1. They believe a wedding will be worth the investment.
  • Approximately half of Gen Z respondents associate wedding celebrations with being expensive, but 58% say their wedding is part of their long-term financial goals.
  • Sixty-six percent of Gen Zers agree that their wedding day is or will be worth the financial investment.


The Knot Worldwide Future of Marriage Report captured responses in June 2023 from a general population of 1,171 single and/or dating people in the US ages 18 to 42; for the purpose of this report, we define Gen Z as those 18 to 26. Respondents represent people from all over the country with various ethnicities, income levels, races, ages, sexual orientations and gender identities. 

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