December 9, 2010

$200 Gifts for Husbands, Presents for Pets, But Regifts for the In-Laws: Reveals The Dirty Little Secrets of Gift Givers Holiday Survey Takes an Inside Look at Modern-Day Gift Giving

NEW YORK (December 9, 2010) – According to 2010 Holiday Survey, 24% of Nesties plan to spend more than $200 on their significant other this holiday season. But when it comes to friends and family? How about nothing, since Nesties say friends and family members will be the top recipients for regifts. For the first time ever,, a hip how-to guide for home and life from leading lifestage media company The Knot Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT;, surveyed nearly 500 women on the site to uncover the dirty truth about what they’re really thinking when it comes to gifting and entertaining this holiday season. 2010 Holiday Survey Highlighted ResultsIf you’re a woman, chances are you’re doing all the holiday shopping. An overwhelming 76% of women on say they do the majority of holiday gift shopping, whereas a mere 23% of Nestie couples spend equal amounts of time doing holiday gift shopping.

Nearly 1 in 5 women on say their significant other spends more on a gift for them than they do for him. Women, on average, spend $153 on their significant other, and 24% of women splurge by spending more than $200.

Parents and in-laws trump siblings when it comes to gift amount. On, 47% of couples spend more than $50 on their in-laws, and 53% of couples spend more than $50 on their parents, compared to 68% of couples who spend less than $50 on their siblings. And when it comes to coworkers, they’re not entirely forgotten – 71% of couples actually get them gifts. Who’s definitely not forgotten? Pets! 70% of Nesties with pets plan on giving them a gift this holiday season.

A whopping 85% say it’s okay to regift if it’s perfect for the giftee. Who’s at the top of the regift recipient list? Family members (32%) and friends (31%). However, nearly half of women (46%) say they’d be offended if they received a regift. (Can you say double standard?)

More than 60% say spending time with family during the holidays is stressful. Apparently, the holidays aren’t the most wonderful time of the year. One in five couples on argue about who should host the annual holiday shindig, and 35% say it’s intimidating to entertain their significant other’s family.

“The holiday season brings tons of emotions to the surface—good and bad,” said Carley Roney, editor in chief of “From juggling competing in-laws and their ‘claimed’ holidays to stressing about the perfect gift for what can seem like a never-ending gift list, the holidays can make anyone become a Scrooge.”

So whether you’re looking for budget gift ideas or easy ways to impress those oh-so-lovable in-laws, has launched a brand-new Ultimate Holiday Guide ( channel dedicated to helping couples solve this season’s most unruly dilemmas. On this Ultimate Holiday Guide, you’ll also find:

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