March 13, 2018

Italians Spend an Average of € 215 in Gifts to the Spouses

With the warm season on the doorstep, we are officially opening the summer season of weddings… and wedding invitations. If getting married is a considerable expense for couples, it is also true that future spouses are not the only ones who have to put their hands on their wallets. And once again there is something that is really bugging the guests: how much to spend on the gift? According to a survey conducted by among users of its online Wedding List, the average contribution is about € 215.

The summer season of weddings has officially begun, together with a series of invitations to the wedding sent to friends, relatives and acquaintances. And once again there is a doubt: what is the most appropriate amount to gift when you are invited to a wedding?

To solve this question, the website, leader in the wedding industry, has conducted a survey among users who, in the last 12 months, have used their online Wedding List, in order to check how much they are willing to spend to pay homage to newlyweds. According to this study, Italians allocate an average of € 215 for wedding gifts, about € 30 more than the European average. In Spain, in fact, the average is around 260 euros, while it is decidedly more moderate in countries like France (140 euros) and Portugal (153 euros).

Moreover, data from the “White Book of Marriage”, published by, reveal that in the “Bel Paese” the tradition of the “envelope” with cash is well established. Over half (57%) of couples said they received their gift in an envelope. It is a highly widespread custom, and finds its motivation in all the current changes in social times and customs. Only a few years ago, people married at a much younger age than today, and the marriage was a real beginning in all respects: they went to live together for the first time, in a house still to be furnished, which was something that pushed the guests to give away furniture and accessories.

The 2.0 wedding list

Times change, and wedding gifts along with them. Although the tradition of the in-store wedding list continues to be present, today more and more couples are creating them online: according to a study of the website, almost 1 in 5 couples (18%) receives gifts from digital wedding lists. The reason is simple: the process of information and advice in the organization of the wedding is increasingly digitalized, and the technological tools allow the spouses to create their “wish list” from the comfort of their own living room. The online wedding list also simplifies the guests’ lives by giving them the opportunity to contribute directly to the virtual piggy bank of the couple in an elegant and intelligent way. has a simple, convenient and free Wedding List, specifically tailored for all future spouses. There is something for all tastes and especially for all budgets, all for the benefit of those guests who do not have a very high budget. In addition, it allows spouses to transfer the balance whenever they want, receiving 100% of the money, even through their smartphones.

The online wedding list is an increasingly popular trend among all couples, not just millennials. This is not surprising: clearly we are facing an evolving market that is increasingly looking to all that is digital“, says Nina Pérez, CEO of “We are happy to provide spouses and guests with a free tool through which they can give an emotion that turns into financial means to be allocated for the realization of the couple’s dreams”.