March 13, 2018

1 Out of 6 Couples Meet Online

  • 16% of respondents say that they met their partner online, the majority from the millennial generation.
  • The internet, as a way of meeting potential partners, makes up a higher percentage compared to workplace and parties.

Today 16% of Italian couples getting married met on the Internet according to a survey conducted by, the world’s leading website in the wedding industry. The same percentage is found in Spain, while for Latin American countries such as Mexico, the percentage is 11%.

We are more and more immersed in an online environment where the internet is part of our daily lives. This has not only changed our habits, but has also turned into a popular way to meet a partner. conducted a survey to find out what role the internet plays when it comes to meeting romantic partners. Analyzing the answers from 1,000 registered couples, it’s evident that meeting partners on the internet is increasingly common in Italy. In many instances, applications such as Tinder or Badoo, dating websites, social networks, chats, and even online games can play Cupid for couples looking for love.

The percentage of people who met on the Internet has surpassed those who meet at work (13%) or at parties (8%) yet it is still lower than other options such as getting to know each other through friends, at school, or through a hobby, as indicated by the results of the survey conducted by

“Most of the couples who meet online are part of the millennial generation, that encompasses digital natives, a factor that is of great influence when planning their weddings”, said Nina Perez, CEO of

The Internet plays an important role during the process of planning weddings and purchases. Couples are inspired and look for opinions online before buying in stores, especially for venue services, and bride and groom attire. This phenomenon is known as ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline). Therefore, it is evident that the Internet has not only become an integral part of our lives from a practical point of view, but also from a sentimental and emotional one.