March 19, 2018

Couples Registered on Have Gone from 6% to 24% in the Last 8 Years in Spain

  • When it comes to wedding planning, Spain is seeing fewer and fewer parents taking the reins in traditional decision making. 2 out of 3 couples make most wedding decisions themselves together, in a more active role as compared to the past. However, 1 in 3 couples say only one partner organized the wedding (most notably females)
  • As far as the marriage proposal, in heterosexual couples, we still see male prevalence (+60%), however this statistic may soon change with 3 out of 10 proposals occurring mutually, and 5% initiated by women.
  • Tasks most often performed by the groom in heterosexual couples are the choice of groom’s attire, the preparation of music and hiring the DJ’s, videographer, and the choice of wedding transportation.

Barcelona, March 19, 2018 Grooms have ceased to be secondary actors and have begun taking a much more active and decisive role in the planning and preparation of the celebration.

From the proposal to the planning process, some checklist items are shared while others are performed individually or with family and friends like choosing the dress or suit.

Most checklist items fall within three categories:

1. Joint tasks:

  • Decisions about the wedding that the couple makes as a team. One important choice is whether the ceremony will be civil or religious. This point is typically decided together and is followed by the choice of where to host the ceremony and reception, and if both parts of the wedding will take place in the same venue. Finally, they begin their search: a farm, hotel or a wedding hall? On the beach, in the mountain or in the center of the city? These are typically questions and answers that the couple will come to decide together.
  • The choice of photographer is another task that couples usually decide on together.
  • Honeymoon planning is also one of the (most fun!) decisions that the couple makes together.
  • Ring purchases are also something that typically happens together, with decisions like, personalized or classic? engraved or streamlined? yellow gold, white gold, silver, steel or titanium?
  • Finally, the wedding theme and choice of decoration is also a decision we see typically made together.

2. Typical tasks for the Bride: The bride’s task par excellence is, without a doubt, the choice of dress. It is an emotional and unique moment that the bride typically enjoys in the company, usually, of her mother and close friends. Choice of jewelry, accessories, beauty services, and footwear are also typically done by the bride without her partner present. The bride is usually also in charge of choosing the details to give to the guests as wedding favors, well as the wedding cake and its Though theme and decoration are chosen as a team, the choice of flowers is typically done by the bride alone.

3. Typical tasks for the Groom: Tasks of the groom: The groom typically elects his wedding attire, accessories, jewelry (cufflinks, watch), footwear, and is generally responsible for choosing the music for the event: live music, DJ’s, entertainers, special effects, etc. It is also typically the groom in heterosexual couples who chooses and hires the wedding transportation and buys special gifts for godparents and close friends of the couple. In Spain, the groom also takes care of the video during the event, and sometimes surprises the bride and guests with a video projection and images of the couple’s story for all to enjoy.

According to data from regarding online planning and usage of the tools that the site offers, the 3 most used tools by the bride and groom are:

  1. The Wedshoots App: A mobile application from that makes it easy to create and share an album with guests with the option for a private gallery only guests can see.
  2. The Vendor Directory: Couples use the directory to get information, read reviews, ask for a quote and compare and book the best wedding vendors in their area.
  3. Seating Chart: Couples love using this tool to easily place their guests at tables with the organizer available in their account. With a venue map included, it’s as simple as downloading a PDF to seat their guests in the perfect spot.