October 18, 2017

Millennials Prefer to Get Married in Autumn

  • Those born between 1981 and 1995, known as the millennial generation, are revolutionizing the concept of weddings from beginning to end.
  • Millennials are shifting the wedding season from summer to fall and 1 in 3 weddings are celebrated after summer (25% in September and October and the remaining 10% in November and December).

Barcelona, October 18, 2017 The idea that millennials have radically changed the concept of weddings is not new. It is a generation that values celebrating with friends, denying protocol and traditional celebrations, hat elects instead to wear simple dresses, looking for different locations and decorations with details that fit their style. But in addition to all this, millennials are doing something that seemed impossible in Spain. They are turning the wedding season on its head: autumn now seems to be the perfect season to say “I do!”

June and July have historically been the preferred months to get married. This trend has changed in the last two years and from September to December there has been an increase in Spanish weddings.

In a survey of over 4000 users published by Bodas.net and Google, it is clear that September and October add up to encompass 25% of the total of weddings in Spain.

This change in season led by millennials may be motivated by different phenomena, such as the high temperatures that linger into the early months of autumn or the concept of a honeymoon in the months of September and October.   For a generation that defines itself as travel obsessed, adjusting the wedding date to coincide with months that travel is cheapest is no surprise.

And of course, technology has become an integral part of the millennial wedding. Smart phones upload photos directly to Instagram the moment they happen, Facebook statuses switch to “married” the moment they say “I do!” Millennials are also using the internet to search for and book vendors that will participate in their big day. In fact, searches in this category have increased more than 27% year-on-year.

For millennials, it seems logical that the generation that places most importance on enjoying the celebration, would care more about who is there than when.

Data extracted from the Essential Book of Weddings, Carlos Torrecilla. Published by Bodas.net in collaboration with ESADE and Google.

If you would like to receive a copy of the book with all the information included on weddings in Spain, you can place an order with mcarrasco@bodas.net