April 16, 2018

Millennials Introducing Pet Friendly Weddings

  • Different studies affirm that pets are the “new children” for millennials.
  • This generation adopts 35% more pets than their predecessors, the baby boomers, and invests much more, reaching an annual growth of 12%.
  • Weddings are no exception to show love for animals and there is a growing tendency to make pets participants and even guests of honor.

Barcelona, April 16, 2018 January 14 marks international dress-up your pet day in the US. For some in Spain, this may seem a foreign concept, but many millennials consider animals important members in the family, and integral parts of the celebration of their weddings.

At Bodas.net, the most important website for weddings at an international level, there has been a clear increase in the interest of couples in everything related to including their pets in the wedding. This generation is not only concerned about how they will dress their faithful friends, but they are thinking through how to include their pets in more and more aspect of the wedding and seek that their vendors be “pet friendly” and know how to adapt to the needs of their animals. From the venue, to a specialized caretaker, to the photographer: everything is planned with their animal friends in mind.

The debate is open, and opinions vary as to whether or not pets should be a part of these special events. But if millennial weddings are characterized by anything, it’s that couples have a clear idea of what they want for their weddings and choose to personalize them far more than any other generation historically. If the couple decides to include their pet in the wedding, there are a few tips from Bodas.net they may want to keep in mind:

  • What is the animal like: What type of pet is it, is it easily stressed, is it accustomed to being around other people
  • Check if the venue allows animals: It is important to make sure that animals are welcome at the venue.
  • Notify all vendors, especially photographers: Wedding vendors must be prepared for the participation of the pet, especially the photographer who will likely include it in the sessions.
  • Warn guests: It is better to warn all attendees to avoid any allergy issues and other possible inconveniences.
  • Of course you’ll want your pet to look spiffy, but first and foremost is the safety of the animal. A detail such as a bow tie or a bow can be an elegant touch without causing damage or stress.
  • It never hurts to hire a pet specialist who can take care of the pet because the bride and groom can often not devote the same time to the animal at the wedding as they can at home. It may even be necessary for someone to take the animal home at a certain moment of the ceremony, and with a pet sitter you’re covered.

What is clear is that millennials have included their love of animals into many elements of their lives, including their weddings and the industry is happy to adapt to this adorable trend.