June 19, 2018

A Beautiful Pairing: Weddings and the World Cup

  • Despite fear of losing, some couples who marry during the World Cup celebrate with a big screen TV, barbecue and even elect soccer balls over bouquets.
  • Research from 330 couples by com.br shows that the majority didn’t plan to marry during the competition but take the coincidence in stride.

São Paulo, June 19, 2018Love surpasses any distance. It’s more than 14,000 kilometers between Brazil and Russia. But what if that big day coincides with your big day? According to a survey of 330 couples registered on the portal Casamentos.com.br who got married during the World Cup, Brazilians have quite a love for the sport: 27% purposely chose the period of the World Cup to celebrate their wedding, and among those who chose the date unintentionally, 6 out of 10 found the coincidence amusing.

How will you treat the World Cup during your Wedding
Among those who answered the survey, 16.8% will organize something special to celebrate the soccer game during their big day. The most popular method is watching the game on a big screen (35%), followed by homage in the decorations (31%) and gambling/radio (9%). But the best is yet to come: among those who responded “Others” (25%), there are couples who have planned a barbecue, hired a freestyle soccer performance and even thrown a ball as a groom’s bouquet to the bachelors at the wedding.

Prefer not to risk it
Despite the positivity of the majority of the couples who will get married during the World Cup, many prefer to avoid the deflection of the focus of attention. In a community forum of Casamentos.com.br, user Camila said that she was able to change the date of the celebration to not coincide with the World Cup finals.

“My wedding was set for July 15: The World Cup Finals… Thank God I realized it in time to be able to change the date. I moved it earlier, to July 8… And on the 8th, there were no qualifying rounds for the games”, she affirms, relieved.

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