June 16, 2009

The Knot and OTX Announce Groundbreaking Research and Classify New Consumer Group

Group Wields $283+ Billion of Spending Power Over Three Years

NEW YORK, NY (June 16, 2009) — Leading lifestage media company The Knot Inc. (NASDAQ: KNOT), in partnership with OTX, a global consumer research and consulting firm, unveils groundbreaking research on a key consumer group, Nesties. These 25- to 32-year-old women, distinguished from their counterparts, are settling down and gearing up for the next 20 years of their life. Of particular interest to The Knot Inc., Nesties define the core audience of the company’s suite of lifestage brands: the #1 wedding website TheKnot.com, newlywed brand TheNest.com, and first-time parenting resource TheBump.com.

Previously unidentified and unstudied, Nesties are a psychographic subset of the important 18- to 34-year-old female US population (63% total), who, at the moment of becoming engaged, enter a three- to four-year period of planning a wedding, feathering their nest, and getting pregnant.

Nesties’ lifestyle can be summed up in one word: intense! Nesties undergo constant change as they cross through two, if not three, of these life-changing experiences: marriage, nesting, and first-time parenthood. In fact, more than half have experienced at least two lifestages within two years. Ideals are challenged and lifelong relationships are forged — not only with people but with the goods and services in their lives. And they exceed all other groups in purchases: Across a broad array of categories, ranging from ”big ticket” items, like cars and electronics, down to the smaller everyday necessities, Nesties outspend virtually all other female demographics, including their 18- to 34-year-old counterparts without partners.

The latest study by The Knot Inc. recruited more than 6,000 women who are active community members of The Knot, The Nest, and The Bump, as well as women from OTX’s industry-leading sample sourcing technology. The research captured never-been-seen information on this group of consumers which includes feelings and attitudes about life, love, relationships, day-to-day and social activities, finances, category and brand purchase behavior, and media consumption.

“This groundbreaking study demonstrates that Nesties, more than any other group their age, are in the market to spend as they settle into new homes and plan for their first baby,” said David Liu, CEO of The Knot Inc. “This is an exciting opportunity for brand marketers because it is now possible to target consumers who have highly predictable purchase behaviors and who will form new and lasting relationships with the brands that meet their needs in these formative and emotional years.”

“We have created a rich, comprehensive database of demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral information that defines Nesties in each of these three lifestages,” said Shelly Zalis, Founder and CEO of OTX. “The learning shared here is only a glimpse of the wealth of insights available. Going forward, this syndicated study will engage a similarly wide, deep, and representative sample of Nesties to provide even more invaluable perspectives on their lives not available anywhere else.”

Key Characteristics of a Nestie:

SHE’S IN CHARGE AND HAS A LONG LIST OF TO-DOS While most decisions are shared and made jointly, compared to their male partners, Nesties are much more likely to feel that they have primary responsibility in home decorating, cooking, shopping, planning social activities, doing household chores, paying bills, and caring for children, other family members, and pets.

SHE’S INDEPENDENT Nesties keep their independence: Only half would relocate for their partner’s career and claim life isn’t really just about “us as a couple.” In fact, only one in ten feels that she has given up a lot to make her relationship work.

SHE’S FINANCIALLY CONSCIOUS Finances are top-of-mind to Nesties, with less than a quarter claiming they “only think about finances when they absolutely have to.” About seven in ten are cautious about spending money on non-essentials, and more than half feel overwhelmed by financial burdens.

SHE’S PLANNING FOR FAMILY Approximately eight in ten in the baby group look or had looked forward to being a mother, and 65% of those in the wedding and nesting stages feel the same way.

SHE SEEKS EMOTIONAL SUPPORT Nesties are constantly online searching for emotional support and advice or opinions about their purchases. They are “first-timers” in unfamiliar territory and need understanding and support to feel good about the decisions and choices they make.

SHE SEEKS CONVENIENCE Convenience, economic reasons, and engagement plans are other important reasons Nesties have for wanting to move in with their partner. Convenience even trumps going green — while the environment is important, only a little more than a third use energy-efficient light bulbs.

SHE’S FOCUSED ON HOME Nesties are focused on setting up their new home. The biggest challenge is combining and agreeing on furniture, as well as having their home represent them as a couple (45%). At the same time, a need for their “own” space emerges. Home is a platform for warmth and entertainment, and the living room emerges as their favorite room in the house, easily beating out the bedroom. Additionally, around 30% of Nesties are interested in a variety of home-related topics, such as making a home “greener,” selecting appliances, buying and improving the resale value of their home, making home repairs, as well as installing security systems.

About the Nesties Lifestage Study
The study is designed to understand Nesties and how their lifestage defines them as consumers. Nesties are a psychographic subset of US females between the ages of 18 and 34 who, once becoming engaged, enter a three- to four-year period of planning their wedding, setting up their household, and having a baby. The study examines these unique circumstances which motivate active spending at a time when lifelong relationships are forged with brands, goods, and services. The research was conducted in the US in February 2009 among more than 6,000 18- to 54-year-old women (primarily 18 to 34 years old).

For more information on how to purchase all or specific parts of this study, please contact Julanne Schiffer at OTX (jschiffer@otxresearch.com).

For more statistics, or to speak with an editor or with Nesties in your area, please contact The Knot Press Office at pr@theknot.com. High-resolution photos and visuals can be provided electronically or through the mail.
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