October 30, 2017

A Statement From WeddingWire CEO Tim Chi On Inclusivity

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission on December 5, I wanted to clearly communicate WeddingWire’s position and underscore, in no uncertain terms, what we stand for as a company.

WeddingWire opposes discrimination of any type. Love is love, and we support the right that all couples have to marry. Our company has a long history of supporting equal rights, equal opportunity, and equal treatment, with dignity and respect that is uncompromised. As such, WeddingWire supports the arguments of the respondents, the Colorado Civil Rights Commission and Charlie Davis and David Mullins.

We have signed the Human Rights Campaign and Steptoe & Johnson’s amicus brief in the case because we share concern about the widespread negative effects of discrimination. WeddingWire has its own non-discrimination policy and supports laws, like the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act, that protect against discrimination.

We are committed ensuring the highest quality experience to everyone we serve, both inside and outside our doors. We will always choose to align ourselves with others who share in that goal and are inclusively and unequivocally “open for business” to all.