April 19, 2016

WeddingWire Survey Reveals Wedding Day Looks by Location

Leading Wedding Planning Site’s Wedding Day Look Survey Reveals Popular Beauty Trends in Major Cities Across the U.S. 

CHEVY CHASE, MD–April 19, 2016 WeddingWire, Inc., the leading global online marketplace connecting consumers with wedding and event professionals, released today the results of its latest study, the 2016 Wedding Day Look Survey. Over 6,500 WeddingWire couples, from 21 major cities across the nation were asked to reveal insights on their wedding day look, style icons, accessories and more. The survey details statistics and trends from the most popular hair styles, accessories and pre-wedding day procedures, to the top emulated celebrity looks, and overall wedding styles across the country.

Respondents seek the support of professionals when creating their perfect wedding day look; in fact nine out of ten have their hair and makeup done professionally and do a trial in advance of the big day. Additionally, over 40% want their wedding party to have their hair done professionally for the wedding; however of those brides, approximately half expect their bridesmaids to cover the cost. Only one-third of brides expect their wedding party to have their makeup done professionally; 56% of brides say it’s the party’s choice.

“Brides and grooms want to look like the best versions of themselves on their wedding day,” says Kim Forrest, Editor at WeddingWire. “It’s a nice combination of feeling beautiful and professionally-styled, while still remaining recognizable and not overdone. We’re also seeing hair and makeup looks tie into the general wedding theme so that everything feels cohesive—more natural, fresh-faced styles for casual weddings and more glamorous looks for formal weddings.”

Key findings from the survey include:

The most popular hair-style is an updo, with 40% of brides across the nation sporting this look for their big day. Other popular styles include half-up (35%) with curly (32%), wavy (25%) or even braided elements (16%).

The most popular hair accessory are veils which are worn by 65% of brides, followed by a clip, comb or barrette. Veils are most popular in Boston, Cincinnati and Houston.

Top 10 most popular preparations to be done before wedding day:
-Manicure (96%)
-Pedicure (91%)
-Waxing (60%)
-Haircut (58%)
-Teeth whitening (56%)
-Fake eyelashes (56%)
-Hair colored/ highlighted (51%)
-Spray tan (23%)
-Hair extensions (21%)
-Dental work (ex. braces, veneers) (8%)

Top 15 Favorite celebrity looks to emulate on wedding day.

Wedding Styles Across the Nation
-Bohemian: San Francisco, CA (least likely: Atlanta, GA)
-Classic: Cleveland, OH (least likely: Phoenix, AZ)
-Romantic: Manhattan, NY (least likely: Denver, CO / Cincinnati, OH)
-Preppy: Baltimore, MD (least likely: All of California / Dallas, TX / Denver, OH)
-Modern: Manhattan, NY (least likely: Cincinnati, OH)
-Formal: Long Island, NY (least likely: San Diego, CA / Denver, CO / Columbus, OH)
-Boho Chic: Los Angeles, CA (least likely: Detroit, MI)
-Vintage: Cincinnati, OH (least likely: Boston, MA)
-Rustic: Charlotte, NC / Denver, CO (least likely: Manhattan, NY)
-Laid Back: Denver, CO (least likely: Long Island, NY)
-Glamorous: Manhattan, NY (least likely: Seattle, WA)
-Eco-conscious: San Francisco / Seattle, WA (least likely: Cincinnati, OH)

About WeddingWire’s Wedding Day Look Survey
The 2016 Wedding Day look results are based on a comprehensive survey of over 6,500 WeddingWire couples who revealed insight on their wedding day look, style, accessories and more from 21 cities/regions across the nation, with various ages, ethnicities, household incomes and sexual orientation. Cities surveyed in March 2016, include: Charlotte, NC, Dallas, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Boston, MA, Detroit, MI, Columbus, OH, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, San Francisco, CA, Cleveland, OH, Denver, CO, Manhattan, NY, Long Island, NY, Washington, DC, San Diego, NY, Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, Houston, TX, Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH.

About WeddingWire, Inc.
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