December 21, 2021

Expect to See Well-Crafted Food Experiences, Twists on the Timeline and Champagne Towers in 2022 Weddings, According to WeddingWire Trends Report 

Couples’ Mindsets Shift to Focus on the Guest, Plus Up-Leveled Personalization and Celebrating Boldly will Take Center Stage in 2022 Weddings

NEW YORK, NY— December 21, 2021— WeddingWire, a leading wedding vendor marketplace, has released its 2022 wedding trends report, which finds that couples are putting greater emphasis on personalization and their guest experiences, throwing aside typical tradition. WeddingWire’s 2022 wedding trends are less about specific items and “must-dos,” and more about new ways of thinking about the wedding as a whole and providing options for all couples.

“Couples have waited so long to celebrate with family and friends, they’re going to do things their way and not do things just because they’re ‘tradition’ or expected by family—whether that means experimenting with bold colors, switching up the traditional wedding-day timeline (cocktail hour first!), or planning with a sustainable mindset,” said Kim Forrest, Senior Editor, WeddingWire. “We’re excited to see all the ways couples will express themselves in 2022.” 

WeddingWire 2022 Wedding Trends

Guest-Centered Mindset  

Weddings in 2022 will see a change in mindset from couple-centered celebrations to guest-centered ones. Knowing their wedding may be the first time guests are returning to parties once again, couples are putting their friend’s and family’s health and safety, comfort and enjoyment first and foremost. This can mean something as simple as changing up the seating arrangements for a circular wedding ceremony with guests seated in a circle around the couple so they can see them and each other from all angles. Serving signature mocktails so guests who aren’t drinking have something to enjoy, or offering vegan expertly crafted dishes where even the carnivores and pescatarians will appreciate the veg as the star of the show – couples are focusing on the guest experience as their main priority. 

Switching Up the Timeline  

Throughout 2020 and 2021, couples had to get creative with their wedding timeline – expect this to continue throughout 2022. Couples who eloped or hosted a minimony are now ready to celebrate, so guests will skip the formalities and head right to the party. For those hosting a more traditional ceremony and reception on the same day, many are opting for a pre-ceremony cocktail hour, enjoying cocktails, food and greetings up front, followed by the ceremony and reception.  

Renewed Focus on the Environment  

Throughout the wedding planning process, couples are keeping the environment top of mind and finding ways, big and small, to minimize waste. Whether sourcing sustainable catering, ordering recycled paper invitations, receiving digital RSVPs through their wedding website, or utilizing local vendors, couples are leaning into sustainability. In 2022, dried flowers will make their way into weddings for a stylish and sustainable decor trend. Zero-waste cuisine, a pig-on-a-spit roast or serving unused breads and cheeses from the cocktail hour at brunch the following day, will also gain in popularity. Charitable favors, where couples donate a dollar amount per guest to a non-profit close to their hearts, is a great way to share values with guests and reduce waste.  

Bold, Bright Colors and Earthy Neutrals 

There’s a dichotomy when it comes to the hottest color schemes of 2022 – some will lean into bold and bright colors while others will embrace earthy neutrals. Couples are choosing a wider more malleable palette of six to 10 hues, rather than picking just two or three, and playing up color like never before. Expect to see bold pinks, purples, reds, and oranges—and lots of mixing and matching— as couples are ready to celebrate. Also present in 2022 will be color palettes in earth tones like nude, beige, soft white, dusty rose and rust due to couples’ increased focus on the environment emerging from the pandemic. 

Well-Crafted Food and Beverage Experiences 

Couples are increasingly prioritizing a well-crafted food experience within their wedding budget, ensuring their guests dine on cuisine that’s fun, interesting, locally sourced, and above all, completely delicious. Buffets are nothing new, but grazing tables—where guests can pick and choose what they want throughout the night—are becoming the new-new, especially if couples are hosting a less formal affair. Brunch weddings will also be popular in 2022 due to dwindling availability of Saturday nights, with creative food ideas like fried chicken and waffles, biscuit sliders, breakfast tacos, donuts and mimosa bars. The classic cocktail is making a comeback with couples requesting French 75s, Bushwhackers, Palomas, and Old Fashioneds. Champagne towers are also back and are becoming a favorite way to add a vintage touch to a reception.

Mini-Cakes, Bold Statements and Impressionist Details 

A great solution with safety in mind, individual mini cakes will continue to be popular in 2022. Not only is it safe for guests, but this trend allows couples to choose a variety of flavors instead of settling on one. Cake hoops made of wood and adorned with pastel petals or gold geometric shapes wrapped in lush greenery will provide a standout way to give a smaller cake a larger presence. Additionally, abstract painterly details using frosting and other sugar adornments to paint the cake and brushstrokes to achieve a three-dimensional look will bring cakes an Impressionist painter look perfect for a garden wedding. Also expect to see bold, bright cakes with rich hues, alternate textures and metallic colors that will make guests do a double take. 

Visit here for WeddingWire’s complete 2022 wedding trend report based on expertise from WeddingWire editors and wedding industry professionals. 

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